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Small Private Enterprise "Invest"

(Donetsk, Ukraine)

offering their own products

- Steel Shelving Unit collapsible.


Offered by our company, Steel shelves are of modern design, versatile and designed to organize storage. Well equipped warehouse reduces the time and, therefore, cash costs for storage and handling of goods. Thus significantly less likely to spoil the product during its storage in stock. 

Steel shelving rack universal quick assembly - is a fast-up construction of the perforated mounting shelves Shelving Unit, shelves themselves and mounting kits. 

Steel Shelving Unit

Bolted flange for reliability and rigidity. 

Shelving Unit are designed for use in warehouses, including pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies, for archives in the sales rooms, laboratories, exhibitions, pantries, garages, in cellars, workshops, service station, hotel utility room, etc. 

Technical data: 

Х shelves are made of galvanized steel with thickness of 0.55 mm coated, or simply galvanized steel of the same thickness 

Х step mounting holes 60 mm shelves  

Х rack made of cold-formed steel angle 35h35h2mm  

Х allowable distributed load per shelf (for non reinforced shelves) to 60 kg. (in the rack with additional reinforcement rib on the shelves allowable distributed load per shelf vozrostaet up to 90kg). By special order in 600mm deep shelves can be installed two ribs. 

Х the kit includes rack hardware  


The following illustration shows the different cross-sections of designs shelves.  

Execution shelves shelving